Notepad++ Explorer plugin: Snap Open mod

Update 2020/04/04: Remove dead links.

Notepad++ is a great text editor for the Windows operating system. It has a lot of great features and there are also many useful plugins for it. The Explorer plugin features an integrated file explorer inside the Notepad++ user interface which is pretty handy most of the time. But there is a specific feature missing: the ability to quickly search and open files under a specific root directory by typing part of their filename. This feature is available in other text editors. For example, there is the Snap Open Plugin for gedit. I have developed this feature and integrated it in the original Explorer plugin.

You can view the source code and download the plugin DLL from GitHub: npp-explorer.

You can invoke the Snap Open dialog by pressing Ctrl-Alt-O or from the menu bar (Plugins -> Explorer -> Snap Open). Before invoking the dialog you have to select your root directory. You can set the root directory by simply clicking on a directory in the tree view of the Explorer plugin. You can also fix the root directory by right clicking the appropriate directory and selecting the “Set as Root” option. That way you can freely browse through the directories without changing your snap open root directory.

2 Responses to “Notepad++ Explorer plugin: Snap Open mod”

  1. Francesco Says:

    I haven’t even tried your mod yet, but I already can say: great!! that’s great news! I think I already have some feature requests 🙂 I will let you know.. thanks!

    • prekageo Says:

      If there is actual interest in this mod, we could move code into Github. I have posted about this mod in the Notepad++ forums here.

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