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HTTP Request Logger add-on for Mozilla Firefox

July 30, 2011

Sometimes it might be useful to log each and every URL that is accessed through your Mozilla Firefox web browser. It might be for security, auditing or other reasons that you want to log accessed URLs. I developed the HTTP Request Logger add-on in order to track and discover a malicious web page that triggered the CVE-2010-4452 vulnerability in Oracle Java through a specially crafted applet tag and a respective Java applet class. You can download and install the add-on from here: HTTP Request Logger. You can also view the project on GitHub: prekageo/http-request-logger.


SQL table view extension for Yii PHP Framework

July 21, 2011

While developing a web application, sometimes it is useful to provide an interface for displaying and browsing SQL tables. I have created an extension for the Yii PHP Framework which accomplishes that. One more interesting fact about this extension is that it avoids counting all the table’s rows in order to increase performance.

You can download the extension and some other required extensions from here:

Enhanced Windows service manager

July 16, 2011

Update 2020-03-25: Uploaded source code on GitHub.

Are you tired of manually starting and stopping several Windows services at once? Do you want to disable a bunch of Windows service without going through each one of them? Here, I present an enhanced Windows services manager that provides features missing from the builtin services snap-in of Microsoft Management Console. The application is written in Python and you can download the source code from here: Enhanced Windows services manager.